Frequently asked questions

Bike hire

Can I hire bikes for more than one day?

Yes. You can choose 3-day or week-long hire periods, or you can simply add extra days. Book your bike rental here

How long is a half-day cycle hire?

Half-days are two and three quarter hours. Choose the morning from 10am until 12.45pm, or afternoon 1pm-3.45pm.

Can under 18s rent bikes?

We do offer a bike rental service where 15 to 18-year-olds are able to hire bikes. To do this an adult must arrive with the group of young people, complete a consent form, place the refundable deposit and ensure the group understands the terms and conditions of the hire.

How old must I be to hire an electric bike?

You need to be 16-years-old or over to rent an electric bike.

Can I fit my own kit to your bikes?

We cannot fit your kit to our bikes or our kit to your bikes for safety reasons.

Can I hire a trailer for my dog to sit in?

No. We love dogs, but some people have allergies, so we do not let dogs sit in the children's trailers.

Can I do a one-way ride?

No. You need to pick up and return all bicycles and kit to our base in Yatton.

Do you deliver bikes?

No. You need to pick up and return all bicycles and kit to our base in Yatton.

Can we order food?

You can order a take-along-picnic when you book your bike. This will be freshly prepared by the Strawberry Line Cafe and will come in panniers which attach to the back of your bike. We'll even throw in a blanket too!

Your booking

What if I need to change or cancel my booking?

We can offer a full refund on cancelled bookings up to 48 hours before the bicycle hire period. We offer a refund minus 20% up to 24 hours before the hire period. We are happy to amend or reschedule bookings (Subject to availability) until the start time of your booking.

What deposit and ID do I need?

We need to take a £100 deposit for your bicycle rental, or £200 for an e-bike rental. You will also need a form of photo ID.

What should I wear?

Make sure you wear something comfortable and appropriate for the weather. Avoid baggy trousers that might get caught in the chain.

Do I need a helmet?

You must wear a helmet whenever you're on your bike. We will provide helmets for free with each cycle hire and by hiring, you agree that you will wear it. Please see our hire conditions for more info.

Should I wear a high vis vest?

We can give you a high visibility cycle vest to wear when you're riding. This is especially useful for groups.

Will I need a map?

We will give you a map of the Strawberry Line when you collect your bike

Your ride

When should I pick up and drop off my bike?

When you hire your bike you will be able to see the hire times. Please make sure that you collect and drop off promptly.

What if I return the bike late?

Please make sure you bring back your bikes on time as somebody else may have them booked. If you are going to be late, please call us on 07983816426. If you are late, we will charge you £10 For more info, read our late returns policy.

What if I get a puncture?

We keep our rental bikes well serviced. But if something goes wrong, please call us and we will send one of our team to fix it. If we can't fix it, we'll replace it if we can.


Are there any hills on the Strawberry Line?

There are a couple of small slopes on the cycle route, but it's mainly flat. For details about the route, have a look at the Strawberry Line website.

Where can we get food?

The Strawberry Line Cafe offers great homecooked food. If you order a take-along-picnic when you book your bike, this will come in panniers which attach to the back of your bike. We'll even throw in a blanket too!

Is there parking?

You can park your car at Yatton station pay and display car park. Parking costs £3.20 a day.

Are you close to public transport?

Yes, we are based at Yatton station with both National Rail and bus links.