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Ride for wellbeing

Cycling is good for your health and fitness and it is good for your mind too. Cycle Minded is all about better well-being through getting out and about. Being active outdoors helps you feel happier. You can achieve something new, feel better about yourself and meet other people.

Cycle Minded is a free initiative run as part of our not-for-profit bicycle hire project in Somerset.

Look after yourself

Cycle Minded is great self-care if you experience any issues that affect your mental health such as:

  • Isolation

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression


Discover what you can do with Cycle Minded. We offer group cycle rides along the Strawberry Line with a friendly ride leader. Cycle Minded is free and open to everyone. Our rides will:

  • Connect you with other people

  • Connect you with nature

  • Get you out and about

  • Get you active

  • Help you get fitter and healthier

  • Help you learn about self-care

  • Improve your well-being

  • Let you try something new

  • Make friends


Meet our ride leaders



I have been a group fitness instructor for 20 years and have seen the real benefits of what exercise can do for one’s physical and mental health.

It really doesn’t matter how many or few gears your bike has, all you need is two wheels and a ‘comfy’ saddle, and the world is your oyster! 


My favourite mantra is “You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old BECAUSE you stop playing”! My aim is to encourage as many people as possible to carry on playing.

Cycling is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh air and discover the great outdoors. With no glass window between yourself and the open road, your mind is more likely to be occupied by your surroundings rather than any negative thoughts..


Borrow a bike

We have bikes that you can borrow. We also have adaptive bikes if you have a disability.

Or you can bring your own bike!


Park here

You can park in Yatton station car park. It costs £3.20 for the whole day.

There are toilets and a cafe at the station too.


Book now

Email us to book a place or just drop in.

You can come on your own, or you can bring a friend or family member


Ride for free!

Cycle minded guided rides are fun and they're free*.

*donations welcome

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