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Cycle lessons

We offer a range of free bicycle riding lessons. Whether you are looking to gain confidence with your cycle skills or try something new, like an E-bike, we can offer you support and friendly tuition.


In partnership with North Somerset Council, we can give you two:

  • 1-2-1 E-bike confidence lessons, or

  • cycle confidence lessons for regular bikes, or

  • or cycle confidence lessons for adaptive bikes (great for people with additional needs or health conditions)


E-bikes use a rechargeable battery that helps your pedal-power. Great for hills, long journeys or for those with injuries or illnesses that affect your legs. 

E-bikes are also kinder to the environment than cars or buses. A fun, healthy, sustainable way to travel to work, the shops, or just for fun.

Biking Trip
Bike Riding Couple

Book Your Lesson

To book a lesson with one of our instructors email or call 07983816426

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