Team building

Working from home has become a way of life. And it has its benefits: better work-life balance, and more time to exercise. But what about team relations and morale?

Nothing beats time together in person. And what better way than to embrace our love of the great outdoors?  So, if you want to safely reconnect your team, we can help you.

A team that bikes together

Get out and about... together

Lockdown showed us that fresh air and exercise is vital for healthy, happy minds. But it also showed us that video calls have nothing on getting together in person. And what could beat a day of cycling and team building in the great outdoors?

Strawberry Cycles is a social enterprise run by the community for the community. We offer people with extra learning needs meaningful employment and training. We understand that teamwork is important, and we want to support local businesses and their families. That’s why we’ll also offer each member of your team vouchers so that they can enjoy the Strawberry Line on our bikes with their families.

Have fun by bike. Call us now to plan your team building day out.

Biking Trip

Getting active is good for you

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress in the workplace. Stress leads to sickness and makes us less productive in the workplace. Getting out and active means fewer days off sick.